What Does "Sarado(a)" Mean?


Friday! Today, one of my English friends asked me the exact meaning of the word sarado(a). Well, well... This one is quite easy! As always, I know that I'm a little biased to say that, but it actually is... Why do you spend your whole year at the gym? No matter what happens, you're there day in and day out. Why do you practice sports so hard? Health reasons? Maybe... But let's be honest, most people do it to get in shape. They want a beautiful body to show off at the beach, in the pictures and so on. They want to look attractive to the one that they intend to hit on. After working out for a few months, they get the first signs that they're getting sarados(as). Although this word is more used to describe men, it's not unusual to see many women being called saradas out there. I've never seen a girl who doesn't want to have a curvy body... Anyway. Enough talking! Have you figured it out? Not yet? Geez! You can't leave this page then! I'll try to clear that up for you! When you hear that someone is sarado(a), it means that this person has a ripped/well-toned body. Let's see how it is used in a sentence:

Ex.:  Depois de ter come├žado a frequentar a academia, aquele cara ficou super                       sarado! 
       After he started going to the gym, that guy got super ripped! 

P.S.: We use saradO when we're talking about guys and saradA when we're talking about girls.

We could also say that the person is toda definida or that they have o corpo todo definido. Sometimes you'll also hear the word maromba (slang) . They're all the same!

Are you sarado(a)? Ohh, come on! Don't be so shy! You can tell me! I'm not... *sniff* 

Have a nice weekend! :)


  1. Nice tip. When I first moved here I learned to appreciate "fofinho" as a well meaning compliment. It was everyone's way of not just plain calling me FAT! Now that I have lost 50 kilograms the older women in my building call me "elegante." I'll take that!

    And to my taste... the guy in the picture looks like he needs a sandwich!

    1. Hey, Jim! Thanks for passing by! :)

      Yeah, that person was really nice to you. "Fofinho" is a really cute way of saying that someone is a little overweighted... You did right when you took it as a compliment. If you're not fat and you're called like that even so, it means that you're just cute.

      As for "elegante" I guess there's no need to explain this one, right? This word is almost like the English one. It means that you're a handsome gentleman, have style and dress well (at least that's the concept that I have). But anyway! You lost 50kg?! Wow! That's a lot! Good for you!


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