What Does "Porrada" (slang) Mean?


I still remember the time when I was in school... Things were A WAY different from nowadays! I'm not that old, but I did live what people usually call "the last generation". Not everything was perfect, but I liked it. One day, I suddenly heard the other kids screaming the word porrada several times, like: "_Porrada! Porrada! Porrada! Porrada! [...]". I knew it was no good, but I really wanted to check it out. The only problem was that I was too small to see what was happening. There was a huge crowd pressed up around two other kids... In order to see what they were doing, I climbed up on a chair and pop! They were fighting... When I got home, I asked my mom: "_What does porrada mean?". She laughed a little and said: "_It's just a slang for fight." After this day, I never forgot!

Let's see how it's used in a sentence:

Ex.: Você viu briga na escola hoje? Gabriel e Arthur caíram na porrada! Gabriel deu                surra nele!
     Did you see the fight at school today? Gabriel and Arthur came to blows! Gabriel beat        the crap out of him!

Ex2.: Se não parar de me irritar, vou te **encher de porrada!
         If you don't stop annoying me, I'll beat the crap out of you!

**I could also say "Vou quebrar a sua cara!".

Easy, isn't it?! Do you have any questions? Let me know in a comment below! :)

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  1. Great! I'll remember it from here on out!


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