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When I first thought of making this blog, my main goal was to teach Portuguese to those who want to visit or even live in Brazil. As I was writing my posts, I figured out that I was not complete. I like to write about many different topics, like life facts, recipes, tourism and all that stuff. Then, I put new categories over here so I could feel more comfortable with what I was doing. However, I still feel like there's somethinhg missing - and I think I know what it is! Reviews! 

You probably don't know my real personality, because you guys don't see me everyday, BUT those who do know exactly how I like to live - I'm VERY shopaholioc and I LOVE to buy trinkets on the internet! Yup! Those cheap souvenirs that have no use (sometimes) really attract me - A LOT! So, that's why I'm opening a new category: "Cool Stuff". Here I'll give tips and make reviews on almost all the websites that I came across and think that worth a visit. I don't want you to feel like I'm getting off the topic or something like that. If you do, just skip this post and go to the "Learn Portuguese" section or whichever you feel like checking. I'm sure you'll find a lot of interesting tips. I just don't want to focus on a single subject - though people out there say that we should, if our desire is to attract loyal readers. That's not my point. I want to write about whatever I want. After all, this is MY blog, isn't it? I should be free to write what I want, when I want. Do I want loyal readers? Of course I do! But I'm just being myself. Ok, that's staring to get too mushy. Let's cut it out and get right to it.

For my first review, I'd like to talk about Mini In The Box. Have you ever heard of this Chinese website? I hadn't, until I stumbled upon it when I was looking for cheap and interesting things to spend my money with. At first blush, I smelled something fishy. I couldn't believe my eyes! Their products are sold for a song and they also offer a free worldwide shipping! Believe me, you WILL find something that you need want (maybe?) there! I'm sure! Maybe you'll feel a little insecure, just like I did, but don't worry! I decided to give it a try, and tah dah! I got all my goods! You can buy something just to see if it really works. You won't be paying that much at the end of the day... As we say in Brazil, você não vai ficar mais pobre por causa disso (you won't break the bank) ! *giggles*

If you free up a little time to take a look at their products, you'll see that they're really cheap and that some are shipped within 24 hours. There will be a label informing that. Before buying an item, I always check the reviews and the stars to see what the customers are saying about it.

The payment method? This is not something that you should worry about! They accept many kinds of credit cards, PayPal (which is my favorite) and a bunch of other methods.

Another thing that I really like on Mini In The Box is that you don't need to set a minimum order. That way, you can still buy whatever you want without having to take other products just to get rid of the shipping fees.

I've already ordered twice there. The first time was really fast (considering the distance between China and Brazil), and I dind't have to face any boarder issues. It took only 20 working days. As it was just a test, I got a hard case (USD $4.99), a full body case (USD $7.13) and a case with a stand (USD $4.99) for my iPhone 5, a Fabric Shaver (USD $4.99) and a Tripod (USD $5.99).

The second one was not that fast - it took one and a half months - but I have nothing to complain about! As I said, I bought the items for peanuts, and the shipiment was free! What else did I need? Just wait. This time I got an eyeshade (USD $2.49), sunglasses (USD $4.99) which, by the way, have a great quality (unbelievably), considering the price, a hard case for my iPod (USD $2.99), two waterproof bags (USD $1.69 each) and a lugagge tag (USD $1.99).

Hard Case for my iPod

If you're not patient, my advice for you is to forget it. It WILL take long, but it's worth it. I'm waiting for five more purchases to be delivered, and I'm SOO looking foward to getting my hands on all of them. Every single one! Munhahaha

Ahh, just one more thing! Last Wednsday (December 4th), I received an e-mail asking me to confirm the delivery of my first order (the first among the five that I'm waiting for), but I haven't received anything yet. Is it normal? Yup, it is. It also happened the last time I bought things from them, but I only got my items a few days later (3 or 4, maybe) after receiving that message. For this reason, do NOT panic or get paranoid if this message turns up before you get your hands on your pruchase. It happens sometimes. The e-mail will be just like the one below:

You may think: "_Nothing is perfect... So isn't this website." You're right! It's not perfect... But the only thing that I didn't like is that you can't track your order sometimes. It means that you have to wait for your producsts trusting in a company that you've never bought anything from, without even knowing where they are. Other than that, I love it!

There are some people on the internet who claim that Mini In The Box is a scam. As it seems, they're not used to buy stuff on international websites. You MUST wait. I can't agree since all my items have been perfectly delivered. Don't take their word for it. You'll never know if you don't give it a try. Draw YOUR own conclusions... :)

P.S.: I'm NOT being paid by Mini In The Box to write this post !!!

Have you ever bought anything there? Do you want to share your experience with us? Leave a commeny below!


  1. My experience with this company is terrible. The product broke after one month and the company didn't replace it.

    1. That's sad! It happened to me on another kind of online store. EVERYONE was saying good things about it, but when I decided to give it a try, everything went wrong, and my experience turned out to be something unpleasant.

      I haven't had any issues with Mini In The Box though. I even got some of my purchases today, and I'm really happy with the items. :)

  2. I am waiting for 6 weeks for a few items and I cannot contact MIMIINTHEBOX; they say the user already exists and will send a new PW but nothing happens. ARE THESE GUYS SERIOUS???

    1. I think there's nothing wrong with the delivery... 6 weeks? That's 1.5 month! They still have another one a a half month to deliver your items, haven't they? Before getting you to buy something there, they try to warn you by all means possible that the delivery can take up to three months to happen (depending on the country). I always receive a notice informing that my items arrived in the national territory (usually after 1 month that I bought them). But it does take a while until it gets on my hands. You have to check the procedure that your country uses to forward the international deliveries. I'm not taking anybody's side on this, but I haven't had any issues so far. That's why I'm saying that. :)

    2. Yes they are serious ! You need a lot Patience ! :)

    3. they also wont let me access my account, they say it exist yet doesn't exist. & my lovely money ha already disappeared from my bank.

  3. Hello guys :)
    my first trying, was Ok :) I got all items after 4 weeks :)
    Yes it was a little shock, had to pay fees... but i think it was worthy :)
    in my Country are all item-prices so high (expensive)...
    I will definitiv buy again some things from MiniInTheBox :)
    even i'll have to waite 1-2 month.

  4. I am already a 3 year old customer and have bought about 60 products. I believe a total of 3 have come broken. They send me a replacment and I could keep the broken ones. I like tyo buy there. I trust them. I have to wait three weeks alwlays (Europe). Still, compare it it with TMART, they have the same products and mostly at half price. AN example, I bought today two smokedetectcors for 6€ each, at MITB it was 13€ each. Same product, also free shipping. BUT, MITB send it is a box, TMART send it is an envelop, so the only proteciotion is the original box. My second order with TMART came broken. they offered me 100 points, what that was I donñt know. As the product worked and it was just a plkastic part that broke, I accepted it and glued it together.....

    1. Thanks for passing by! I didn't know this one (TMART) yet... I'll check it out! :)

  5. I just waste money for mitb its over a month but no order come... I spend 33 box for nothing!!!! Can anyone help me contact mitb?

    1. Hey, Virgo!

      I suppose this is your first time, isn't it? Look, I don't work for Mini In The Box and I'm not being paid to say this sort of thing, but uh... It usually takes time! You said it's been only a month, so... Chill!

      Let me tell you something. My last purchase was delivered after THREE whole months! I've got a lot of friends who buy things on this website, and it's almost always like that. Sometimes the products are delivered in a week, but sometimes it takes forever! If there's one thing that we're always sure is that no matter how much time it takes, our products will be delivered. You just have to be patient. :)

  6. said it was free postage till you go to checkout then the charge was £28 so cleared my basket

  7. Bought two items from complaints so far and I don't mind waiting for good stuff.

  8. Try returning something. I purchased a U.S. device and the one they sent was for EU. cant get a number to call and my daughter who bought it cant remember what accout she used so they have no customer service. sometimes you just need to talk to a human..........

  9. I recently ordered from Mini in the Box. They claimed that they will give free expedited shipping of 3-5 days if you order more than $35. So I did, but it was a LIE. It's been two weeks and I still don't have my order and there is no way to contact them. Which is ridiculous for an Internet shop.

  10. Order placed on August 19, 2014.
    They said it would take 10-20 (working) days to be delivered.
    Today, 3 months, 7 days and 4 tickets later there is no sign of it.
    Three months waiting, checking, posting and excusing for the never delivered gifts are too much.
    If you plan to buy for Cristmass I am sorry to tell you that you are very late.
    Perhaps next year...


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