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"The Muslims Are Coming" Review!

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Hey, everyone! If I remember correctly, It's been a week century since I wrote my last post, hasn't it? Err... I really needed some time to get myself together. It may sound like I just made that up, but no... I've been like that lately. I'm sort of getting used to it, which just scares me even more. I don't know why this is happening, but it seems that I've been busier than ever before! I mean, uh... There ARE some days when I literally goof off (who doesn't?), but it just feels weird. I'm supposed to have more free time now (loyal readers will understand) and this is NOT happening. Anyway! 

Yesterday was one of those days... Uh.. After watching a bunch of episodes of Heroes on NF (Netflix), I got to that point where we simply run out of things to do. Seriously, I was REALLY bored! I guess I spent like, uh, a whole hour swiping through that bars full of movies separated by genres on NF. Nothing was grabbing my attention, until I came across a documentary called "The Muslims Are Coming". After reading its description, I finally decided that that was what I was going to watch. And guess what?! I definitely do NOT regret this decision! 

If you're looking for something funny, entertaining and educational, I highly suggest you to go for this one! I'm not a fan of documentaries myself, but that title aroused my curiosity... What did you think when you first read it? I'd say that, at the very least, most of you thought about something negative (as if they were taking over or something) - so did I. However, the description says that it's supposed to be funny. Negative + funny = racism (in this case). But if it was made by Muslim-American comedians, that was out of question. In the end, there was only one thing left: endless thoughts!

I have to admit that I was blown away at the very beginning. Why? Well, think of a Muslim woman. Are you done? Ha! Let me guess... You pictured someone with a lot of clothes on and the traditional "hijab" covering her head. Typical! It turns out that I learned that not all of them necessarily have to get dressed like that. It's actually up to them. I won't get into details (I know the Quran says that they have to cover their body or something like that), but unlike the conservative societies (like those in the Middle East, for example), the Muslim women in the Americas and in the other countries CAN actually opt out. Maybe this is not something new for you, but it IS for me! It just proves that I still have a few misconceptions...

Negin Farsad (the Muslim woman that I'm talking about) impressed me not only by her look, but also by her style/behavior. We're used to hear that everyone is unique, but it seems that we never take it too seriously. She surely fits this profile. Try to gather all of the good adjectives that you know and turn them into a person. That's her! I'm NOT saying that she's perfect or a goddess or anything. She's still a human. The thing is that I've never seen someone with such a pure heart... It doesn't matter if she's going through a rough time or if she's in a situation considered as success: she always stays humble. We can learn A LOT from her!

The documentary itself consists basically a group of stand up presentations performed by Dean Obeidallah (the funny guy), Negin Farsad and their team in several different cities in the US. The interesting thing is that they managed to attract people from all of the religions to their shows. The audience was literally mixed. There will also be moments when they put themselves out there and try to show the people how warm a Muslim can be. When they're on the streets, they offer hugs, run mini Q&A sessions and give out awards for those who play their games about religions. Why do they do that? Humm... There's no need to say that Muslims are on top of the list used to designate the most hated groups in the WORLD. To top it off, the thing got even worse after 09/11. So... That's exactly what they're trying to fix. 

Again, I don't want get into it and I hate taking sides on such delicate matters. I can't say that I understand the pain and the anger that the Americans feel, because it didn't happen in my country. However, although this is none of my business (I don't want to be snoopy), I don't agree with them when they condemn a whole religion for the acts that were committed by a few. If we were to be judged like that, no one would be off the hook.

After watching it, I searched for their names to see if they were directing more of these works. I came up with their website, their profiles on twitter and a Facebook page. I don't know about you, but I do like to support groups like that. There are many ways to do it... If you have already watched it (and also liked it, of course) but you're not the kind of person who likes to write a post, shoot a video or deal with promotions in any other way, why don't you donate money? There's no pre-determined value! And there's more: you can do it through PayPal by using your available balance or your credit card. I'm sure it will not affect your budget - after all, you'll be donating only what you can. This will probably be a shot in the arm for them! Sometimes we spend money with so trivial things... Why not invest it in something that is actually worthy? This link will redirect you to the donation page.

Since I'm not in the US, unfortunately I can't attend to one of their presentations. If you are and you'd like to check it out, here's the link with their agenda. This way you'll be able to see what events are coming up. 

Remember that I told you that they're on twitter? Feel free to hit them up over there. I congratulated them in one of my tweets and it didn't take long to see a reply. They ARE super polite! :)

Wow! This post is so long! I'm sorry... I still have a lot to say, but this time I'll have to let you figure out the rest by yourselves. And shhhh! No excuses! The documentary is available on iTunes, Amazon, xBox and Netflix. It'll only take you and hour and 24 minutes. An hour and 24 minutes that you spend on Facebook; an hour and 24 minutes that you spend on Instagram; an hour and 24 minutes that you spend goofing off; an hour and 24 minutes that-. Ok, ok! That's it! If you want to watch the trailer, check out the video below:

Do you have any questions or additional comments? Let me know!

Have a nice weekend! 

#5 Popular Sayings/Proverbs in Brazil

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If you already have a second language, you probably know that it's almost impossible to get fluent if you only stick to the grammar and to the basic words. There's much more in a language than a bunch of rules and vocabulary. Am I saying that they're not important? No! Of course they are! Definitely! What I'm trying to say is that if a language were a pizza, they'd be just a slice of the whole. There are still slang, expressions, sayings and many other things to learn. On this post we're are going to talk about a few proverbs/sayings that are very used over here. Sometimes, some of them will not make that much sense if you just stick to words and to literal translations. I'll try to explain one by one with my own words, and then I'll come up with the equivalent in English. Do NOT take them for granted. If you really want to learn Portuguese, get used to it as soon as possible. They ARE important. Here we go! 

1 - Quem tem boca vai a Roma.

This one lost its original meaning. Back it time, it was quem tem boca vaia (to boo, to hoot) Roma. Nowadays, it literally means "those who have a mouth go to Rome". If you don't know how to get to a place or how to do something, it's better to ask for help. This way, you'll probably succeed in what you're doing. In English, the closest saying that I found is: "Better to ask the way than go astray."

2 - Amizade é amizade, negócios à parte.

It just means: "don't confuse friendship for business". It totally sucks when one of your friends thinks that they should have a preference just because of your friendship. If things worked this way, you'd end up with no profits at all. In English I guess we say "business is business".

3 - A pressa é inimiga da perfeição.

It means that if you do things when you're in a hurry, they'll not end up the way you wanted them to. If you want them to be perfect (or at least close to it), you have to dedicate a bit more of your time and be careful. In English, the equivalent is "haste makes waste".

4 - Quando um não quer, dois não brigam.

When you want to do something with someone and this person doesn't share the same will, we usually say that. It means that if the other person doesn't want be with for what you're up to, there's no reason to be insisting at all. In English we'd say: "it takes two to tango".

5 - As aparências enganam.

Sometimes we tend to julgar pelas aparências (judge by appearances). This can be really tricky... For example, we can *look down on someone just because they don't look that important. However, if this person actually is, we're the ones who are going to get screwed at the end. Do you remember the witch from The Beauty and the Beast? Nunca julgue um livro pela capa (never judge a book by its cover)!!! The same can happen in the opposite way. Sometimes a person can look like someone good, but deep inside he/she is actually evil. They can look rich, but they're actually poor... After all, nem tudo o que reluz é ouro (not all that glitters is gold), right? Anyway! In English, it means: looks can be deceiving

** I'm not saying that this is right! I'm just saying that you can. You're the one who have to know what's right and what's wrong for you and draw your own conclusions.

Here you found just five, but there are lots and lots of them! I'm planning on writing another post like this in a few days down the line... I do like it! 

If you know another one and you want to share it with us, be my guest! Any questions? Leave a comment below!

Have a nice week! :)

What Does "Sarado(a)" Mean?

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Friday! Today, one of my English friends asked me the exact meaning of the word sarado(a). Well, well... This one is quite easy! As always, I know that I'm a little biased to say that, but it actually is... Why do you spend your whole year at the gym? No matter what happens, you're there day in and day out. Why do you practice sports so hard? Health reasons? Maybe... But let's be honest, most people do it to get in shape. They want a beautiful body to show off at the beach, in the pictures and so on. They want to look attractive to the one that they intend to hit on. After working out for a few months, they get the first signs that they're getting sarados(as). Although this word is more used to describe men, it's not unusual to see many women being called saradas out there. I've never seen a girl who doesn't want to have a curvy body... Anyway. Enough talking! Have you figured it out? Not yet? Geez! You can't leave this page then! I'll try to clear that up for you! When you hear that someone is sarado(a), it means that this person has a ripped/well-toned body. Let's see how it is used in a sentence:

Ex.:  Depois de ter começado a frequentar a academia, aquele cara ficou super                       sarado! 
       After he started going to the gym, that guy got super ripped! 

P.S.: We use saradO when we're talking about guys and saradA when we're talking about girls.

We could also say that the person is toda definida or that they have o corpo todo definido. Sometimes you'll also hear the word maromba (slang) . They're all the same!

Are you sarado(a)? Ohh, come on! Don't be so shy! You can tell me! I'm not... *sniff* 

Have a nice weekend! :)

What Does "Conversa Para Boi Dormir" (expression) Mean?

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Everyone has those friends who like to contar conversa/história pra (para) boi dormir. Why do they like to beat around the bush so much? It doesn't hurt telling the truth right away, you know. I personally think it's better this way. It's always like that: you two arrange to hang out together (or to do anything else), set up a metting place and bam! You get there on time, wait for a while and finally realize that he/she stood you up. On the next day that person comes to you with a bunch of excuses that they just made up. It sucks, doesn't it? Well, conversa para boi dormir is basically that. It's when someone tells you a likely story, a bald-faced lie or just hot air. In other words, it's  something that is hard to believe. The best equivalent that I could find in English is cock-and-bull story. Do you get it now? No?! Ok, let's see how it is used in a sentence:

Ex.: O chefe ficou bravo com ele por chegar atrasado todos os dias e sempre vir com a              mesma conversa para boi dormir.
        The boss got mad at him for arriving late every single day and always having the                   same cock-and-bull story.

Is it the only term in Portuguese for those situations? The answer is no! If you don't want to say conversa/história para boi dormir, go for the expressions: papo-furado, conversa fiada or lero-lero. They're all the same! 

Easy, isn't it?

Have a nice weekend! :)

5 Top Links of the Week! #2

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This week’s link round-up includes a post about the Brazilian country roads written by an American who's been living here for 9 years, a post about two hidden mountain towns, tips on how the Brazilian friendship works, a post about Pão de Açúcar (Rio de Janeiro) written by an English guy and a post about a beautiful view in Copacabana.


=> Driving the Country Roads (Gingers Flowers)
=> Two Hidden Mountain Towns Near Ouro Preto (Qualidade de Vida)
=> Making Friends in Brazil (Brazil Phenomenon)
=> A Walk Around Pão de Açúcar (Eat Rio)
=> Rooftop pool in JW Marriott Copacabana (My Little Rio Journal)

Do you want you link on this page? Send it to me by clicking here

The Differences Between the Brazilian and the European Portuguese

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Whenever I talk to someone who wants to learn Portuguese, this person comes up with a bunch of questions: what's the difference between the BP (Brazilian Portuguese) and the EP (European Portuguese)? Which one is better? The only thing that he/she forgets is that I am brazilian! I'm very biased to give my opinion on this matter, ain't I?! Since I've always wanted to clear that up, I'll try to stay as much impartial as I can while writing this post. I do not want to take any sides on this, trust me. Don't worry!

First of all: there's no better! It all depends on your needs. Why would you learn the BP if you're going to Portugal or vice-versa? That doesn't make any sense at all! Just think about it: if in a single country there are lots and lots of regional differences regarding the language, the differences from a country to another should be astronomical - even if they have the "same" language. Now, we can't say that there aren't any similarities, because we'd be taking extremist positions. What I want you to know is that yeah, the BP and the EP are very different from each other. 

Ok, Aryel, ok! I know that they're different, cut the crap! I would have not asked that question if I didn't know that. What's exactly the difference between them? 

Oh, God! All right, let's figure that out!

1 - The Accent

The "*two" accents are completely different! Seriously, they have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other! It's not that hard to know when the person who's speaking has a BP or a EP accent. The BP accent sounds more clear (at least to my ears hahaha) while the EP sounds more like French/Spanish, I don't know. They (the Portuguese) tend to extend the "s" (like "sh") and their "r" (if I'm not mistaken) slightly sounds like it is made with the throat. The EP speakers speak a bit more faster. Due to these and several other differences, sometimes they have a hard time understanding each other. Since EP is the "mother" of our language, I don't know if they have the same issues there, but over here we have to put subtitles (most of times) to understand what they're saying while watching something on the TV or on the internet. 

** There are many accents in Brazil. 

2 - The Spelling/Grammar

You might've heard that the Portuguese speaking countries reached an Orthographic Agreement. That's true, but don't take it too seriously.  As I said before, each country has its own characteristics. How do they ever hope us to change our language after years of tradition? It at least sounds like an offense to me and to most of the Brazilians that I know. I'm sure the Portuguese must feel the same way. Though we are now forced to write by following the new rules (at school, universities, etc), you can be sure that we haven't changed our way of speaking - not even a little bit. The same goes for them, which is perfectly acceptable. The structure of our sentences remain the same in "real" life.  If you really want to go for the basics, you should know that Brazilians normally place the object pronoun before the verb. Most of times, it'd be considered incorrect in the EP, in which the pronoun is generally placed after the verb. Ex.:

-> She greeted me

Brazil: Ela me cumprimentou
Portugal: Ela cumprimentou-me

3 - Vocabulary

Now you have to be very careful! Those two dialects have simple, but dangerous words that can be completely misunderstood depending on where you are. For instance, in English we have the word "line". There are different meanings for it, but I'll take the traditional one (like a line in a bank). How do we say that in Portuguese? Well, if you're in Brazil you'll have to say fila. If you're in Portugal, you'll have to say bicha. Here's the danger! The meaning of bicha in Brazil is far from line. What in Portugal is a simple word for this term, in Brazil is a slang for gay. Once there was a Portuguese student in my class who got really embarrassed on his first day because of this. He didn't know what it meant here and well... There's no need to say what happened. There are many other words and sentences that will trick you like that. I'll list a few of them:

-> To get a shot (needles) on the butt

Brazil: tomar uma vacina na bunda
Portugal: levar uma pica no rabo

If you say that you tomou uma pica no rabo in Brazil, people will automatically think that you had sex, that is, that you had a dick in your ass. I'm sorry for the usage of such words. I just want to make it as much clear as possible. 

-> Panties

Brazil: calcinha
Portugal: cueca

Cueca in Brazil means underpants (for men). If you're a girl, don't ever say that you're wearing a cueca, because it won't come over too well. 

-> Tax

Brazil: imposto
Portugal: propina

Propina in Brazil means bribe. If you hear that a cop got propina from someone, it means that he/she was bought off. 

I found this picture in one of my old notebooks. Take a look:

Book: Pílulas de Sabedoria Instantânea da Professora Etelvina
Author: Gehringer, Max;
Publishing House: Globo Editora

4 - Slang

Brazilians tend to use much more slang than the Portuguese people. You've probably heard that Brazilians are friendly and free-spirited people. Guess what? That's totally true! We don't use slang because we don't know how to use the formal speech (some people really don't, but I guess it's the same everywhere), but do you want to know what? It sucks over here! No frills! When we're talking, we try to be polite and get closer to the other person. We like to make them feel comfortable. You should know that 80% of times we avoid hard words and formalities. We only take this way if we really have to (in a meeting, during a presentation or whatever). But hey! I'm not saying that the Portuguese people are arrogant or anything. They just like to keep their language as it is. 

Well, those are the major differences. As you can see, there are much more differences between the BP and the EP than between the AE and the BE. However, don't ever let the obstacles put you off. Think properly and see which one meets your needs.  I particularly wouldn't say that they're the same language anymore, but... Officially they are! 

If I were to visit Portugal, I'm not sure if I'd use my Brazilian accent there. I'd probably speak English... Why? Well, I don't like to jump to conclusions or to go for misconceptions, but I've been told that they don't like it that much. Since I've never been there, I can't assume that this is true or not. But I'm the kind of person who likes to cover all the bases. I guess I wouldn't like someone looking down on me for my dialect. We should never change our language for the others, but we should treat them with respect. If they don't like it... Anyway! Don't worry if you learn the EP... We'd still understand you (with your help, of course), but it wouldn't be a big problem. We like the differences... After all, that's what makes us unique, isn't it? :)

Did I forget anything? Have you ever had a hard time understanding one of these dialects? Tell me in a comment below! 

Have a nice weekend! :)

My Life is a Mess!

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I'm not the kind of guy who usually writes about his personal life, but something's been hanging over my head for a long time. Maybe it's already happened to one of you, who knows. Despite of their differences, humans look pretty much the same on the inside.

If you been reading my posts for a while, you know that I was majoring in Law and dropped out in the middle of the last year (on July 15th). The reasons? There are many! Lots of them! I will not narrow all of them down, if that's what you're thinking. I don't feel that comfortable this way (not to mention that some of them are too personal). The biggest one though, is that I didn't really like it. I mean, I loved the IL (International Law) classes, but the rest... Err! To top it off, I was going through a rough time when it all happened - I developed a sort of trauma of internships. I had never worked before (which means that I wasn't used to be bossed around) and being treated like a slave right off the bat made me resign from this "career". I tried to tell everyone in my family, but they wouldn't trust me. They thought that I was just lazy and had intentions of goofing off (which blew me away, because I've never been like that). They used to say that if the other students were doing it, I could do it too. But it's not true! Everyone faces the same things in a different way. And no, not all of them were doing it. The ones who were had the same issues. The funniest thing is that  I wasn't even doing it for financial reasons - the university requires at least a 6-month-period internship from all the students. When I had just resigned, the set of tests of that semester had already begun. I was getting crazy with all this... I kept it up as much as I could, until I blew up and dropped out.

What I needed the most at that time was to be alone for a while. Obviously, I wasn't able to get it. Things got pretty ugly at home - my parents were furious. How come I spent one and a half year in a private university and gave it all up out of nothing? What about the money? I know, I know! I'd get pissed off too... My mom somehow managed to get over it. I can't say the same about my dad. We've never been each other's type. If it was hard to get along with him before, it was even harder after I did that. A few other things happened and well... Let's just say that we've not been in very good speaking terms ever since. 

After all that time, I should be feeling a little bit better. However, whenever I get my hopes up and start studying and looking for another thing to do, someone drops a hint at me and reminds me of what I should or shouldn't have done - of what I am now and why I am like that (as if I were a miserable!). You have no idea of how it is like to be compared to your older siblings and your cousins all the time. It sucks! Sometimes I even think that they're just trying to make me feel like I am the black sheep of the family. Damn, I'm not! I don't give a hoot about what people say, but the ones that are doing it are the ones who should never act like that. It hurts even more to know that they have my blood. I'm not making a fool of myself - don't ever think like that! I'm just getting things off my chest. It makes me feel better.

I really wish I could move out and start a new life in a totally different place - a place full of people that I've never seen before. I want to forget it so bad! But what could I do without a degree? Clean bathrooms? Nothing against those who do it, but I guess it wouldn't be enough for the kind of life that I seek. The worst: my dad was the one affording me. What now? To spend or not to spend my mother's money? God, I don't even know I want! I feel like my life is a mess and like I'm getting too old (I'm almost 20) to live at their expense. I have to "find" myself and get my act together before making any decisions. Have you ever felt like that? 

Have a nice weekend! 

#10 Soccer Slang/Expressions + World Cup

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Are you excited for the World Cup? Great! I'm not a fan of soccer/football myself, but I do enjoy getting my friends together to watch a few matches. And this time we're going to have twice as much fun over here, since we're the ones who are going to hold the event. I'd love to visit one of the stadiums, but when I tried to buy the tickets, it was too late. Yup, I came across that undesirable message that everyone hates (except for the sellers, of course): sold out! That's a shame, but I won't let it ruin my season. I guess my sister was luckier than me, hahaha. Guess what?! She got one! What about you? Are you coming? If you are, you're probably brushing up on your Portuguese, which is totally recommended.

However, everybody knows that sports are a bit different from what we're used to. The hosts have to speak a way faster because they can't keep up with what they're seeing. Therefore, they can't use the whole sentences that we do in our everyday lives. They have to make it quick. So, what's the solution? New terms and short sentences. As I told you, I'm not a huge fan of football myself, but I enlisted the help of a friend who's really addicted to it. We came up with 10 slang and expressions to help you understand things over here (they'll certainly speak Portuguese). Enough talking! Here it goes:

- Abrir o Placar: to score the first goal in a match. It literally means to open the score.

Ex.: Ronaldinho comemorou após abrir o placar no jogo contra [...]
       Ronaldinho celebrated after scoring the first goal against [...]

- Acréscimo: according to WikiPedia, it is "an additional number of minutes at the end of each half, determined by the match officials, to compensate for time lost during the game. Informally known by various names, including injury time and added time."

Ex.: Com apenas alguns minutos de acréscimo restantes, Neymar deu um jeito de marcar/fazer um gol.
       With only a few minutes of injury time to go, Neymar managed to score a goal.

- Zona de Perigo: it literally means danger zone, but in football that's the goal area.

Ex.: Os jogadores estavam fora da zona de perigo.
        The players were outside the goal area.

- Dar olé (driblar): a team dá um olé when it keeps passing the ball around its opponent without even being touched for a long time. I dare to say that this is a sequence of dribbles and passes.

Ex.: É impossível vencer aquele jogador! Ele não para de dar olé!
       There's no way to beat that player! He doesn't stop dribbling!

- Dar de Bandeja: it means to serve the game up on a plate.

Ex.: Não tinha nem como perder! Aquela partida foi dada de bandeja...
       There was no way to lose! That match was served up on a plate.

- Fominha: the term in English is ball hog - a player who keeps the ball for themselves and never passes to a team mate.

Ex.: Detesto jogar com quem é fominha...
       I hate playing with ball hogs...

- Gol Chorado: a goal that was very hard to score.

Ex.: Nunca pensei que aquele gol seria tão chorado!
       I never thought that that goal would be so hard to score!

- Mão Furada: a goalkeeper who can not catch the balls properly. In English you'd say that he's got butterfingers.

Ex.: Se eles continuarem com aquele goleiro no time eles vão (irão) perder. Ele é muito mão furada!
      If they keep that goalkeeper on the team, they'll end up losing. He's got butterfingers!

- Perna de Pau: it literally means wooden leg, but in football this term is used to describe a clumsy player.

Ex.: No meu time só tem perna de pau! Meu Deus!
       There are only clumsy players on my team! Gosh!

- Pipoqueiro: it literally means the guy who sells popcorn (the popcorn man?). However, in football this term is used to describe an awesome player who makes people have high expectations for him, but when it comes to the crunch he totally sucks. He's not what he's supposed to be, because he can't cope with too much pressure.

Ex.: Marcos é um bom jogador, mas não podemos muito contar com ele. Ele é muito pipoqueiro!
       Marcos is a good player, but we can't count on him. He sucks when it comes to the crunch!

Here you found only ten, but trust me! There's a lot more than that! If you want me to clear something up for you, just leave a comment below and I'll make sure to reply you as soon as possible. Also, if you know another one and want to share it with us... Be my guest!

Oh, I almost forgot! Do you know what craque means in football? No? Check it out here.

Have a nice weekend! :)

Happy Women's Day!

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March 8th! I know this is just a regular day for many people. It's funny how humans can be so ungrateful. How could we ever forget who brought us into this world? I'm not getting into religious details right now (if they mean something to you, of course). They had weird cravings, felt sick, deprived themselves from a lot of things and carried us for NINE long months! And when we were born, they were still there, teaching us how to speak, how to walk, what's right and what's wrong, cleaning our mess, washing our clothes, making our lunch and helping as much as they could with pretty much everything. Do not limit yourself to think that I'm just talking about our moms. I'm also talking about the wonderful friends who came to light up our lives. Thanks for existing! I wish you all a super Happy Women's Day! :)

What Does "Oito ou Oitenta" Mean?

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Have you ever had an extremist friend? Someone who lives by the rule "there's no between"? They're usually cabeça-dura at the same time. No matter what you do to convince them, they'll always stick to their own opinion. Negotiation is out of question, and if you try to change it, it's very likely that they'll get mad at you. Sometimes it's good to be like that - you have to stand up for yourself. But there are times that it becomes an unecessary attitude. Whatever situation you may face, you should at least try to find a way to break the oito ou oitenta concept, because most of times it means only one thing: trouble. Yeah, I know. We also have those who, somehow, manage to make things turn out well, but they're the excepetion. Anyway! Do you know what this exprssion mean? 

Oito ou Oitenta is just another way of saying tudo ou nada (all or nothing). Let's see how it's used:

Ex.:   Olha, eu sei o que você está tentado fazer, mas comigo é oito ou oitenta!                      Detesto meio termo!
        Look, I know what you're trying to do but, with me, it's all or nothing! I hate                   midterms!

Easy, isn't it? Have a nice weekend! :)

My Visit to "Tecno Truta" in Santa Marta-ES/Brazil

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Are you still alive? I hope so! Haha

Sunday was quite a great day! I received one of those unexpected invites that I usually get. But this time was to visit a place a little more natural (totally natural I mean). It's called "Tecno Truta", and it stays in a district called Santa Marta (the city is Ibitirama/ES). If you don't know what a district is, go to this post where I tried to explain it in a simple way. Anyway! I said yes, of course. I had already been there once, but it was in the last year, when I didn't have this blog yet. A few things have changed, but it's almost the same.

When we were at the entry, we bumped into a clerk who was more like a "receptionist". He told us that each person who was 12+ should spend at least R$20,00 (+\- $10.00 USD) in order to get in there. What does it mean? If you consume something that costs R$20,00 or more, you're free of this charge. If you don't, you'll have to pay this value anyway. That's fair (they have to make money to keep the place, right?). We agreed and then he wrote down our license plate number (security measures).

When we drove in, we were surprised by two wonderful fish and pay ponds. That is a place where you can have fun with the whole family - seriously. It's good to take a break from technology sometimes. Oh, I almost forgot! There are lots and lots of waterfalls in Ibitirama! I know we're talking about that specific place, but I suppose you won't just visit it if you really decide to give it a try. Nature is not something exotic there. It's actually on the other way around! It's a part of those people's lives. 

Ok, getting back to the subject! As I was saying, you can have a lot of fun and come across things that you wouldn't expect to. For example, when my brother and I were walking down the track, we came across a monkey! I never thought that I'd find one outside of a zoo (let alone that it'd be walking so freely around humans).

After hanging out a little, we went to the
restaurant. The place itself works with freshwater fishes, but the specialty is one called truta (trout). The menu comes with serval options, but I'm telling you! You're not going to find anything cheap there. 

Maybe you're thinking that I'm a sort of penny pincher, but I'm not. It's just that I don't see myself paying that much for this kind of food. I'm sure that with the same amount of money (or even less) I could buy all the ingredients and ask someone to prepare it for me. It'd be cheaper and I'd be able to eat more.  All right, all right, I don't want to play it down! I liked it (except for the salad - I'm not vegetarian and neither a health nut). Just in case you're wondering, it costed me R$39,00 (+\- $20.00 USD) - no drinks included. There's also a plenty of desserts and ice creams. And yeah, it's up to you if you're going to eat in or out the restaurant. There are tables spread all over the area.

Right after having lunch, you'll probably go for a walk to see what else is in there. If you head to the right of the pond, you'll find a "mini" waterfall. If you really want to take in its beauty,
don't forget your bug repellent (you'll need it). That's the perfect place for taking pictures. I'm not being over the top when I say that you'll get perplex with the shots that you can get there. Try it out!

Remember when I told you that there's a fish and pay pond? That's right! I don't like fishing that much (I never catch any),  but my nephew does. If you pause for thought, it's not that hard to get one. The pond is full of them. The funniest thing is that the one that he caught was so small that they didn't even charge him. They said: "_Take it as a free gift!"

I know it has nothing to do with the subject, but I must tell you! If you're still in high school, you're not going to understand it. BUUUUT, if you have already finished it, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Do you ever feel like there's an empty spot in your heart? I do. I miss my friends sooooo much! It's sad the way it happens. You spend years with some people and then they split up out of nothing! You don't know where most of them are living, what they're doing or anything. They literally drift apart. I was lucky to find one of the kindest friends that I've ever had right in there. Coincidentally, she came to our city to spend the carnival with her family and then they set off to this place to eat out. When we saw each other, we were like: "_Oh my God, that's you! How long!" There's no need to say that we caught up on each other's news. Haha

We could've enjoyed more,  but the weather was not so generous. At the end of the day it was raining already. Since
Tecno Truta is a place to be enjoyed on sunny days, we took off. However, I have to confess that even staying there for this short time, I'm really happy. I don't regret not even a single penny spent, because it really paid off.

I didn't find any contact information, but I got a map on this site.

Extra pictures:

See ya! :)

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